Variance Manufacturing

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Are you a 07 FFL and don’t have the machines to make receivers in the house? It’s OK; we’ve all been there. You’ve probably already found out most medium and large manufacturers will do variance manufacturing. Still, they require minimum orders of 300 to 500 lowers per variance, which prices a lot of us smaller 07 FFLs out of the market. That’s where HIPP Customs LLC can help you. We’re a small 07 FFL 02 SOT, we specialize in small production runs, and we get it; you don’t need 500 receivers right now. We can cost-effectively manufacture and mark AR-style lower receivers for other 07 FFLs.

Your Capability, Our Experience

We can perform 07 FFL manufacturing variances. With many years of experience doing manual machining and moving to CNC machining, we can make receivers quickly and cost-effectively, reducing your turnaround time.

What Is A Manufacturing Variance?

The BATFE’s special license to provide serialized firearms or receivers from one 07 FFL to another. For example, a firearm variance permits an 07 FFL to sell a firearm with its name and serial numbers, but another 07 manufacturer produces it.

Manufacturing variances are a widespread industry practice and are relatively easy to get. Still, there are some things you need to know before applying for a variance, so here’s the legal stuff.

1.   You have to have a type 07 FFL. This is because only type 07 FFLs can apply for variances. So, for example, a type 01 dealer or type 02 pawnbroker can’t apply for a variance unless they also have an 07.

2.   Plan ahead. A variance can take about 3-5 months to be approved by the BATFE. Therefore, production can’t begin until the variance is approved.

3.   You need to know what serial numbers and markings you want on the receivers.

4.   You need to know how many receivers you want to be made per variance application.

We will handle filling out and submitting the variance application to the BATFE.

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